Smile street and needy children is a local registered NGO registration number 12838.
The geographical area of the operation is located at plot 14,  Speke Drive, Soweto, Masaka.
Kisakye Florence a Ugandan National is the founder and Director of the organization.

Our Vision Statement:

Empowering our children to become loving, honest, healthy and product members of the community.

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Mission Statement.

The mission of the organisation is based on the belief that all children have a right to love, respect and genuine concern. We take care of street, needy and Orphaned Children including these living with HIV/AIDS in a caring home environment, empowering children to lead successful and reproductive lives.


Smile Street and Needy Children’s objectives are to help the most vulnerable of children to live and grow in a caring home environment where they feel safe and secure. We try to protect the children from the abuse of their past by encouraging and supporting them through mentorship, counseling and genuine unconditional love. We make every effort to reunite the children with their families and work together with the local child probation Officer and other organisations with similar interests. We advocate with and on behalf of the children to raise awareness in the community about their suffering. We try to empower these children to participate in and transform their future through the development of their skills and talents, confidence and relationship with each other, their families and communities. The organisation shall provide primary, secondary or vocational training, child protection and create self – sustaining income generating projects for the children as they grow into young adults therefore improving their standards of living. We promote health care, nutrition and take care of those children affected by HIV/aids.

Core Values:

Love, Honesty, Respect, Tolerance, God Fearing and Family.