DDEMBE HOME UGANDA is founded on the belief that all youth have a right to feel safe, loved, and respected. Working together, we can give these teens hope for a brighter future. The goal of DDEMBE HOME UGANDA is to help youth living on the streets by providing support services aimed at breaking the cycle of disadvantage, abuse, and addiction.  In a family environment, these youth are given access to education, vocational training, safe accommodations, drug and alcohol recovery counseling, and health care.

Youth who are trying to get off the streets are often scared and mistrustful; homeless youth never know where they will sleep, if they will be safe, or how they will get their next meal.  They often feel powerless and fall into a self-defeating cycle that ends in failure.  We need to protect them from the street, and its terrors, and help them to become the best that they can be.  

At DDEMBE HOME UGANDA, these valuable young people find the nurturing environment they need to break this negative cycle! There is self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.  We provide a holistic approach to leaving the streets and achieving independence; we validate fear, anxiety, hurt, and pain, and encourage these strong young people with unconditional love.  We guide our youth as they make choices about their futures.   This alleviates anxiety, allowing the kids to break bad habits, develop confidence, find goals, and chase their dreams.  We also have a lot of fun with music, soccer, food, friends, games, and good times!

DDEMBE HOME UGANDA empowers youth to transform their lives through the development of skills. We guide them toward sustainable farming practices through our pig and chicken projects.  These initiatives provide our home with meat, eggs, and a modest income that helps to supports us.  We are hoping to purchase a cow and calf to provide us with milk.  Some of the boys are pursuing interests in clothing design, carpentry, cooking, and music, and one boy aspires to become a doctor!  We help youth to develop relationships with each other and their community, and we make every effort to reunite them with their families, reaching out to others in need when we can.

We collaborate with community agencies and organizations with similar goals, and actively participate in community efforts to improve the conditions of families and teens.  We advocate with and on behalf of youth to raise awareness in the community. We are a voice for the voiceless.  Our former youth are actively involved in running Ddembe home Uganda; this has proven to be very effective because they have such a deep understanding of the suffering that our youth have experienced.

How can you teach homeless youth to trust again?  You love them and you welcome them as many times as it takes.  That’s what we strive to do at Ddembe Home Uganda!   


The Republic of Uganda has recognized DDEMBE HOME UGANDA as an NGO, Non-Governmental Organization and has issued DHU a permit to Operate as an NGO under the NGO Registration Act, CAP.113, Registration Number 12238.